‘You’re in’!!

At the beginning of October I got the exciting news that I had received a place in the London Marathon next year through the ballot. I never thought I would ever get so excited about getting a place in a run as I did on that day. I couldn’t concentrate at work (don’t tell my boss!) and in my lunchtime yoga class I was completely distracted during the relaxation session (don’t tell my yoga teacher!). I was telling anyone and everyone about my news, whether they were interested or not!

For me, this could not have come at a better time. On my way to work that morning I had been thinking about my OCD and depression and was concerned that, after a period of some improvement, symptoms were starting to rear their ugly head again. Running in the London Marathon has given me a goal to work towards as well as an opportunity to raise awareness for OCD, which for me is so important. Although I have run half-marathons and even a marathon previously, running in London was my ultimate ‘bucket list’ run. Each year I would either watch it on TV or go down and cheer the runners on in person. And after two years of trying to get a place, I am finally going to run it!