Recent developments and difficulties

Firstly, I successfully completed the 80 mile month in December!! Woo hoo! This has helped me build a really solid foundation for my London marathon training which is the main reason I took up the challenge in the first place. In fact I felt so uncharacteristically confident that today I signed up for a second marathon! I realise this may sound absurd, but I thought long and hard before I made this decision. I made sure it was right for me and my health and took advice based on my personal circumstances. And I also thought that if, nearer the time, I didn’t feel able to run the second marathon then I can always pull out. But hopefully it won’t come to that!

One of the reasons I want to run another marathon is because I feel the need to capture more interest for the cause that I am running for – improving understanding of OCD. I need people to sit up and take notice and I’m hoping this will do the trick!

In other news, my training has taken an interesting turn. In the past all my running was done outdoors and I loved that. Recently however, I have found that my anxiety is trying its best to stop me from doing that and so far, I have had to do most of my running indoors on a treadmill (thankfully my sister-in-law has one!). I have even entered runs and dropped out at the last minute due to my OCD, and I am finding that worrying about it is taking up the whole of the preceding day, to the point where I am unable to do anything else. I need to find a way of managing this fairly quickly, and I am hoping this new challenge will give me an incentive. But for now, it certainly provides a whole new dimension to the mental challenge that marathon training brings!

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