Week 1 of my 80 mile month

After all the excitement of getting a place in the London Marathon, it was time to start thinking about my training. Easier said than done! I kept putting it off, telling myself that I should take it easy while I can. My official training plan didn’t start until after Christmas, so I convinced myself that I should make the most of my time now and just relax.

However, that clearly wasn’t the right attitude! I needed to build up a foundation well before then and whilst I did get out and run on occasions, it wasn’t consistent and it felt really hard. My lack of motivation and enthusiasm was starting to worry me.

Then I came across the ’80 mile month’ challenge led by Bangs and a Bun. The idea was to run a total of 80 miles (or any other appropriate target depending on the individual) throughout December, a time when our focus is usually on fun and food. I could sign up for a package that would get me a virtual training buddy as well as daily guidance sent to me by email. As a runner who was lacking motivation, it was just the thing I was looking for!

I initially thought that 80 miles would be too much for me, and that I would need to decrease my target. But I’m pleased to say that after one week I have completed 26.7 miles! I feel a lot better about the marathon, and am already starting to see the benefits both mentally and physically. There is still just over three weeks to go, but the difference is that both the challenge and the marathon has started to feel achievable.

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